2 Calendar Days in Advance

A reservation may be canceled up to, but not including 2 calendar days in advance of the playing date after which no show fees will be charged.

Example: a Sunday reservation may be canceled through Thursday. You may cancel the entire reservation using the web site by going to Advance Reservations, then Golf Tee Times, then My Tee Times and clicking on the shopping cart icon to the right of the reservation being canceled. You will get a message asking if you want to delete the reservation, click yes.  Do not forget to log off.

Partial Cancellation

To cancel part of the reservation or if you use the automated telephone reservation system for reservations, just call the Starter at 203-531-8253. 


There is one exception, just as singles can only add on to an existing reservation for 2 or 3, you will not be able to cancel all but one spot unless there are other reservations existing at that tee time besides yours.