Pace of Play

The Pace of Play that we ask all groups and individuals to maintain at “The Griff” is outlined by the red line shown on our score cards.  We are seeking to have all golfers complete 18 holes in 4:15 or less, that would be 2:10 for the front nine and 2:05 for the back nine.

We arrived at the above times through extensive studies of how long it took most of the golfers to make their way around the course if they were not being held up.  We next reviewed our findings with our various user groups and many individual golfers and received overwhelming agreement and support to use these times.  There were some small groups that wanted faster times and others that wanted a more leisurely pace.

Our Rangers are instructed to abide by these standards in trying to achieve the desired Pace of Play.  They are authorized after they have given two warnings as to slow play to a group, that if the situation worsens or if there is no improvement, to direct the slow group to pick up their balls and go directly to the next tee.  Another option is to direct the slow group to skip the next hole entirely.  We are pleased to say that we have seldom had to take this last step described.

Please note that it is management’s position that if a group is keeping up to the Pace of Play indicated by the red line on the score card, they are not to be unduly pressured by the Ranger even if there is one or more holes open ahead of that group.
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Handy Sandy
To many people think that a sand wedge is just for bunker shots. The sand wedge should be used for sand shots as well as most pitch shots to the green. The sand wedge whether a 54-degree or 58-degree has “bounce” on the sole of the club.
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