Rain Check Policy

If requested, rain checks are available if any of the following occur:

  1. The course closes
  2. It has been raining for 30 minutes and the golfer chooses not to continue (see #5)
  3. If the greens have flooded
  4. Lightning: (1) one strike and the all-clear has not sounded by 30 minutes (see #5) or (2) if play has resumed and there is a second alarm
  5. If the radar shows that rain and/or lightning will continue for over 30 minutes, issue rain checks upon request

Type of Rain check

  • Golfer has an 18-hole ticket:
    1. Played 5 holes or less:18-hole rain check
    2. Played more than 5 holes but has not started on 10: 9-hole rain check
    3. Has teed off hole 10: no rain check
  • Golfer has a 9-hole ticket:
    1. Played 5 holes or less:9-hole rain check
    2. Has teed off on hole 6: no rain check
  • Twilight Golf Ticket:
    • Played 5 holes or less-Twilight rain check (twilight written on receipt)